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Are you looking to attract and retain the top talent in your industry? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

At Brightworks, we help our clients realise the full potential of their early careers strategies by empowering them to attract, develop and retain emerging talent in the workplace.

Whether you need help getting your early careers programs off the ground or refreshing the programs you already have, our best practice methods put your programs on the path to success by meeting the needs of your business and delivering exceptional gen z candidates.

Igniting the spark between today’s talent and tomorrow’s business success has long been a passion of ours. And we’re ready to give you the works.

Lou Zoanetti
Founder & Director



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program design

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key experiences

buddies and mentoring programs

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fit-for-purpose design

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tailored assessments

assessor training

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Keep Warm

candidate engagement

student transition management

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Who We Are

We are Australia’s leading provider of diverse early careers strategies for employers and graduates.

Our team is made up of highly experienced industry professionals who know how to maximise your diverse early careers strategies for attracting and maintaining employees Australia wide.

We see your business as more than just a number and know the right way to help you create a personalised pathway to attract emerging talent to your workplace and strengthen your long-term retention strategy.

You can count on Brightworks to always be in your corner.   

our founder

You’re in good hands with our industry expert and early careers extraordinaire

Brightworks is led by our Founder and Director, Lou Zoanetti.

Diving deep in the graduate and internship world for well over a decade, Lou brings a strategic approach to her work by connecting the right students with the right organisations.

what our clients say

what our clients say

Want to learn more?

Let’s cut to the chase

We work alongside you to deliver customised solutions that bring out the best in your business to attract the brightest talent the industry has to offer. Our commitment to integrity, diversity, education, positivity, quality and originality forms part of our service guarantee, which is embodied through our credibility, efficiency and approach to best practice.

We create cost-effective marketing and attraction strategies that increase student awareness and graduate applications. Our team helps you design your recruitment processes to ensure candidates have the necessary technical and professional skills to transfer into committed and engaged employees while increasing retention among new recruits.

Above all, we specialise in developing graduate and internship strategies, provide health checks on existing programs and facilitate graduate workshops. With our university clients, we help with business development training, industry engagement programs and graduate employability initiatives.

At Brightworks, we believe your business is one of a kind. So it’s only fair that your early careers strategies are customised and tailored to your individual objectives. We offer bespoke packages and will meet with you to discuss a proposal that is right for you.

Our process is highly collaborative and we strive to deliver an experience that leads to long-lasting results.

1. Discovery session
Let’s chat! We’ll arrange an initial discussion with key stakeholders to identify your challenges and objectives at no cost to you.

2. Proposal
Following our discussion, we’ll put together a customised solution to determine the scope of the project. From here, you can decide if you want to do it all, or just part of it. After your approval, we’ll agree on how and when to proceed.

3. Kick-off
Let’s get these wheels in motion! To start, we’ll recap primary outcomes and deliverables before agreeing on an approach. At this stage, you
will be asked to provide any background information, relevant data and program materials.

4. Check-ins
Once we’re underway, our team will schedule regular meetings and identify key milestones that will allow us to record, review and track progress.

5. Project review
Upon completion, Brightworks will arrange a final meeting to officially wrap-up the project and finalise our handover.

So, where to from here?


Ready to chat? Let’s get to work!