Attracting and recruiting early career talent.

At Brightworks, we know that attracting and securing top talent is the secret sauce to supercharging your graduate programs. Our team of experts are the masters of recruitment campaign development, joining forces with you to conjure up captivating strategies that showcase your employer brand like never before.

Drawing on our deep knowledge of early career demographics, we’ll whip up channel recommendations that are tailor-made to reach and engage the most promising candidates out there. With our extensive access to graduation data and insights, you’ll gain invaluable market knowledge that will confidently fuel your recruitment decisions.

When you choose Brightworks as your recruitment partner, you’re tapping into a wellspring of talent. We’ll help you attract, identify, and obtain the absolute best fit for your early career program and grow the candidate-organisation connection needed to secure passionate and dedicated employees. We will help you set the stage for rock-solid wins and long-term growth that will lead your organisation towards long-term success.

Campaign development

Ready for a recruitment revolution? Brightworks brings campaign crafting to a new level of brilliance. Our expertise isn’t just about campaigns; it’s about sparking attraction and kindling connection.

Data and insights

At Brightworks, numbers aren’t just digits; they’re gateways to greatness. We’re your ticket to data-driven decisions that lead to success.

Recruitment management

Navigating the labyrinth of early careers recruitment has never been easier. Brightworks takes the reins, streamlining the process and revealing top talent like hidden gems.

Tailored assessments

Our tailored assessments and assessor training ensure a valid, comprehensive and objective evaluation of early career candidates.